“Education and engagement at the local level is a critical piece of a robust cannabis market – in New Jersey and in any state.
I’m pleased that the Cannabis Advisory Group is partnering with the NJ League of Municipalities to bridge this existing gap
and support local officials with the tools we need to make the best decision for our communities,”

– Janice Kovach, Mayor of Clinton, New Jersey and incoming President of the New Jersey League of Municipalities

“What makes CAG unique is the fact that within one group there is such a wide range of expertise. As a group,
we can bring all of our diverse knowledge together to address issues, solve problems, and educate. I look forward to not
only the collaboration with this wonderful group of experts, but more importantly working toward the goal of creating the
best state cannabis programs,”

– Deb Miran, Regulatory Affairs Expert, D. Miran Consulting, Former Commissioner of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

“I’m thrilled to see a multi-state and multi-disciplinary group of cannabis policy thinkers come together to engage with municipal,
county, state and regional cannabis concerns. The focus on simply striving to uncover policy “best practices” to recommend
to public stakeholders is refreshing and adds another beneficial voice to the broader regulated cannabis dialogue,”

– Hugh O’Beirne, Former President of the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association and Co-Founder of the Cannabis Advisory Group

“Active and thoughtful engagement from industry stakeholders was critical to the creation of Colorado’s best-in-class
regulatory system. Crafting a cannabis market is not easy and regulators need to combine their experience with expertise
from across the policy spectrum, including experts in public health, public safety, agriculture, and the cannabis industry itself.
We are excited to support CAG in its efforts to help policy makers adopt thoughtful and responsible cannabis regulations.”

-Jordan Wellington, Esq., Partner at VS Strategies and former analyst for the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division

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