Jacqueline Ferraro is an Advocate, Philanthropist, Strategic Advisor, Founder and connector in the cannabis industry.

Ms. Ferraro entered the cannabis space in 2017, when it was unpopular, as advocate in policy and communications at the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association. Ms. Ferraro was instrumental in spearheading several initiatives, which included helping draft both the NJ expanded medical bill and adult use legislation and host trips for legislators to visit cannabis friendly states, to bridge the gap in a way that yielded meaningful progress in New Jersey’s medical and adult use program. Ms. Ferraro’s cannabis work expands throughout the nation, advocating for best practices in several states such as New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina and Tennessee. She has spent time on Capitol Hill advocating for both the SAFE Banking Act and MORE Act. Ms. Ferraro previously served as a strategic advisor for 4Front Ventures.

In 2018, Ms. Ferraro Founded Cannability,LLC a woman led cannabis consulting firm. She works with clients to define, develop and execute on a strategic plan for applying and operating as a cannabis license holder. Ms. Ferraro works with women and minority owned groups to help support like-minded entrepreneurs.

In 2019, Ms. Ferraro was named by Insider NJ on its Insider 100 Power Player list. In 2021, Cannabis Power List, named top 21 people to watch in 2021 by Cannabis Insider and Insider NJ’s 2021 top 100 Policymakers.

In 2020, Ms. Ferraro co-founded a women led policy group, Cannabis Advisory Group (C.A.G), a diverse group of professionals with expertise in cannabis policy, regulatory compliance, business, social justice, economics, science and medicine that are united in the desire to maximize the context for the legal access to cannabis, both in medical and adult-use markets. With decades of experience across a robust cross-section of industries, our expertise is in not only seeing the vast potential of this emerging industry, but also recognizing the challenges associated with an expanding market as unprecedented as the very times in which we now live in. C.A.G. focuses on sourcing “best practices” guidance from established cannabis-friendly states, cannabis industry operators, advocates and thought leaders to provide to public sector stakeholders involved in legislation, rulemaking, regulation and municipal decision making. C.A.G. educates and advocates for the “why” of medical and adult-use cannabis and provides actionable perspectives on the “how” of the development of legal access to cannabis at the state and local levels. C.A.G. supports and has donated to several worthwhile causes throughout the northeast region.

Prior to entering the cannabis industry, Ms. Ferraro built a 20-year career in corporate America, working her way up from Account Executive to Senior Vice President of Sales, in the light industrial staffing industry. Through hard work and perseverance, Ms. Ferraro successfully negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in partnership agreements with Fortune 500 manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. Ms. Ferraro is accustomed to precise needs assessment, innovative solution building, extensive domestic travel and the ability to foster long term professional relationships with CEO’s, SVP’s and VP’s. Ms. Ferraro holds a proven track record of building high-performing teams to exceed client expectations, generating results quickly and exceeding goals across the board.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Ms. Ferraro proudly participated in various political campaigns to help GET OUT THE VOTE. Additionally, her experience called to implement and execute on strategic volunteer efforts, fundraising and candidate branding. Ms. Ferraro’s business acumen, political awareness and ability to establish long term trusted relationships, provide her broad range to effectively navigate through the cannabis space.

Ms. Ferraro is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, New York City Cannabis Industry Association and New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association. Ms. Ferraro served as moderator for several cannabis focused panels such as New Jersey Business Industry Association, New Jersey Planning Conference – Cannabis: There’s No Place Like Home(rule). Ms. Ferraro is often invited to speak on panels for noteworthy organizations such as the New Jersey Reentry Program to the Urban Mayors Conference held in Atlantic City, in addition to collaborating with thought leaders, advocates and legislative leaders locally, state and federal levels.