Mission Statement

The Cannabis Advisory Group (C.A.G.) is a 100% volunteer-based non-profit 501 (c)(3) diverse group of professionals with expertise in cannabis policy, regulatory compliance, business, social justice, economics, science and medicine that are united in the desire to maximize the context for the legal access to hemp and cannabis, both in medicinal and adult-use markets. With decades of experience across a robust cross-section of industries, our expertise is in not only seeing the vast potential of this emerging industry, but also recognizing the challenges associated with an expanding market as unprecedented as the very times in which we now live in.

The Cannabis Advisory Group focuses on sourcing “best practices” guidance from established cannabis-friendly states, cannabis industry operators, advocates and thought leaders to provide to public sector stakeholders involved in legislation, rule-making, regulation and municipal decision making. C.A.G. educates and advocates for the “why” of medical and adult-use cannabis and provides actionable perspectives on the “how” of the development of legal access to cannabis at the state and local levels.

We are determined to see equitable and sustainable cannabis markets emerge throughout the country, and we are particularly sensitive to the complex issues and opportunities faced by states that are embracing medical and adult-use cannabis laws and regulations. Strong markets are more than good policies — they are the result of mutually beneficial interactions by a multitude of stakeholders. In addition to finding and promoting good policies,C.A.G. seeks to introduce private and public stakeholders to share perspectives and collaborate on the mutual goal of creating “gold standard” regulated marketplaces.

The complexities inherent in regulated cannabis markets are greatly exacerbated by cannabis prohibition’s ongoing legacy of racial injustice, social stigma and an entrenched and unsafe illicit market. Addressing these historical challenges means a genuine commitment to furthering a number of fundamental values throughout the development and maturation of a regulated cannabis market. Our work will be continuously guided by our core values.

Core Values

Help determine the gold standards for cannabis industry practices

Serve as a value resource to all levels of government

Provide meaningful dialogue by delivering high-impact visibility through our unique collaboration of cannabis thought leaders

Expand access to cannabis markets through mindful regulation and a deep commitment to social equity, both which lead to competitive and robust markets

Collect and share resources to address the devastating impact of decades of drug-related incarceration, criminalization and stigma of cannabis consumption